The coupon industry is broken.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are lost to fraud. Profits are reduced from processing expenses. Market data, reimbursements, and decisions are delayed by shipments and audits.

Don't worry, we're fixing it. Curious how? Follow along for updates.

The broken coupon life-cycle

The coupon life-cycle with CouponCloud

Control Distribution

Redemption validation and volume controls enable issuers to manage campaigns across paper, web, social and mobile mediums.

Automate Processing

Validation at the point of sale eliminates virtually all elements of fraud. Our automated reconciliation allows for hands-free payment issuing that is completely auditable all the way to the individual consumer.

Save Everywhere

Retailers and Manufacturers save on time, manpower, logistics, and increase bottom-line profits with real-time, actionable analytical data.

Follow along for updates